Until next year 

This video shows a glimpse of the football state champions’ final recognition at the State House, where I was allowed to travel to cover the event and take a freshman journalist to mentor. I highlighted through this video a senior experiencing this trip one last time (SPHS is a three-peat football champion) and what comes next for South Pointe football. This video recapped their hard-work throughout the season and highlighted the motivation for the season to come.

Taking Down the Stigma 

Disabilities sometimes manage to hold teenagers back, but not for wrestler Nick Costello. While shooting footage for this video, I learned the different angles and techniques for filming a sport like wrestling.I turned to CN2 broadcast journalist Damaris Bruce for coaching on the voice over and editing. A free-trial of Final Cut Pro helped the production look more professional; our principal is committed to funding that program for the staff next year thanks to my experimenting and dedication.  This experience allowed me to get a good grasp on what broadcast journalism is like, since our school cannot get the broadcast proposal approved. Despite the challenge that I faced with learning how to voice over and match perfectly with the footage, I am pleased with the result to feature a special wrestler as the team prepares for upper state.

Behind the Scenes: Seussical 

What is Seussical the Musical? This behind the scenes video depicts who each main character played by a member of Stallion Repertory Theatre is. It gives a glimpse of how the music and choreography work together in this spring’s drama production. I wanted to promote the play and allow the viewer to understand the hard work and dedication that has been put into this production, in hopes to catch their eyes and their hearts.