First Touchdown

“First Touchdown” is an action shot taken of South Pointe’s wide receiver B.J. Davis during his final game of the season as a junior, when he scored his first touchdown of the season. The final game happened to be during the state championship game played at Williams-Brice Stadium, making this moment especially sweet for the player and fans.


Junior B.J. Davis celebrates just as he scores his first touchdown of the season. His catch close to the South Pointe fans from junior quarterback Derion Kendrick was a highlight in the State Championship game at Williams-Brice Stadium Dec. 17.

Pure Joy

“Pure Joy” is a picture that embodied the emotion of senior Bo Taylor and Coach Welvin Simpkins during the state championship game. Taylor, a Coastal Carolina baseball recruit who barely got off the bench in football games, had scored the final touchdown of the game and they embraced each other with happiness.

Senior Bo Taylor, a college baseball recruit, embraces wide receiver Coach Melvin Simpkins just after scoring the final touchdown of the state championship game. The Stallion student section at Williams-Brice Stadium began to chant “Bo, Bo, Bo…”

Poise for Greatness

“Poise for Greatness” captures a portrait image of senior dancer Quanisha Craig during halftime at the Sointe Pointe vs. Northwestern basketball game. This picture shows Craig’s confidence while dancing in front of many. The news magazine used this picture with a featured story on Craig; I was very honored to have one of my pictures featured.

Senior dancer Quanisha Craig stands in the center of the court at halftime during the South Pointe vs. Northwestern game.

Carrying Dreams

“Carrying Dreams” is an action shot of wide receiver Scott Robinson who stepped up towards the end of the season. The weight is on his shoulders as Robinson strives to get recognized by recruits. He is the only person who gets to “carry”and “hold” on to his dreams.

Junior wide receiver Scot Robinson carries the ball down the field during the second quarter, a play whose momentumcarried throughout the rest of the state championship game against Hartsville.


“Breathe” is an action shot of Lucy Cassidy during the Crosstown throw-down competition, with the district’s three high schools competing.  It captures a breath that she has to take to in order to successfully finish her race against her tough competition.

Lucy Cassidy swims the butterfly against cross town rival Northwestern and Rock Hill at the Aquatic Center Sept. 23 .

Taking it in

“Taking in it” captures junior Clemson football commit Derion Kendrick reflecting at the bottom of the State House steps on what he and his Stallion team accomplished as three-time state champions. The look on his face shows solemnity, yet behind that, it shows humbleness. Despite the hype of everything, it finally hit Kendrick–he is a champion.

Stallion quarterback and Clemson commit Derion Kendrick reflects at the bottom of the State House steps, while reading the South Pointe’s proclamation that was given by representative Ralph Norman Dec. 2.