Death can be a tragic, life-altering event, especially when an athlete has lost his mom. He doesn’t want to remember the utter pain or talk about it, which brings hardship the reporter has to overcome to get the story. I am able to show sensitivity, but I am able to get them to open up because they trust me to humanize them. As the reporter, I went outside my Stallion community and reached the Rock Hill community, which was a challenge in itself to gain trust from rival schools to share their stories.

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While creating this package for a professional newspaper, I realized how important it was to be precise and accurate with the text with every stat and piece of information triple checked through primary and secondary sources like Max Preps. Beyond that, I learned to do backpack journalism to film eye-catching footage, edit it using iMovie on The Herald’s Mac, and giving readers a more multimedia experience as they connect with the story.

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This was one of my first videos for The Herald. Throughout the process of making this, I learned how to properly edit clips on iMovie and create short captions that summed up the main idea. This helped me learn to be a true convergence journalist using backpack journalism to shoot and edit video, since South Pointe does not have a broadcast program. From this knowledge, experience, and training that I gained at the Herald, I then started making videos like this for SPiN Wired. Now, I am leading the way to get teacher MacBook Pros that will be taken up at the end of this year because the district switched to HP re-purposed for use by SPiN Wired, so that everyone will have the same opportunity that I had through my internship.

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